Apple and Fitbit cause a surge in smartwatch sales

Smartwatch sales have been improving in the last quarters. According to Strategy Analytics, Q3 2018 saw annual sales increasing 67%.

Despite not being the “hit” analysts predicted them to be when they were launched for potentially being similar to smartphones, the last generations of smartwatches are showing a strong presence on the market. This has put smartwatches at the top of the wearables segment, even surpassing smart bracelets, which are cheaper and have less features.

Apple’s Watch and Fitbit’s Versa lineups were the ones responsible of the surge in sales. We also have to mention the improvement of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch. The wearable brand Garmin rose slightly, but it still lags behind other companies.

The future of smartwatches

Thanks to Black Friday sales and gifts for the holiday season, Q4 2018 will be the most important time of the year in terms of technology, as smartwatch sales will keep rising.

Apple keeps doing its thing. After two generations with lukewarm sales, Apple took the first place globally thanks to the improvements made to the third generation. Watch 4 seems to be selling even better. Although it is still far from matching the revenue from iPhone sales, it seems to be another hit for the Cupertino-based company.

Fitbit is regaining market share after launching the Versa. The once leader of the wearable segment due to its smart bracelets now has competition from Apple in the high-end segment, from Xiaomi in the low-end segment, and in the sports segment from Garmin.

Samsung is in third place due to its own mistakes, like using Tizen, which lacks the potential of Android in terms of apps and developers. Besides, Google’s delay in releasing Wear OS has prevented Samsung from improving its sales.

A few months ago we were saying that unless Samsung joined forces with Google, no one would be able to stop Apple. And here we are. The Galaxy Watch with Wear OS was announced alongside the Galaxy Note 9, and it is working: Samsung has almost doubled its sales in Q3. Both Qualcomm’s new foray into smartwatches with its Snapdragon Wear 3100 and Google’s improvements to its OS should pave the way for new models like the Huawei Watch GT that we saw last week.

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